Risk Factors

Repetitive Strain Injuries exist in every workplace – and many workers may not realize the “everyday” tasks and “ways of doing” that can put them at risk.

Physical risk factors include:

  • Force: High-force demands – lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, gripping, using tools
  • Posture: Awkward or static – bending, twisting, reaching, kneeling
  • Repetition: Doing the same thing over and over – with little time for rest
  • Others:
    • Contact stress
    • Hand-arm/whole-body vibration
    • Cold/hot temperatures

The work environment can exacerbate these issues:

  • Lack of influence or control over one’s job
  • Increased pressure (such as to produce more)
  • Lack of or poor communication
  • Perception of low support (such as from a manager or co-worker)

Workers doing their jobs at home are also at risk. Concerns include:

  • Poor ergonomics (seating, computer screen and keyboard placement)
  • Lighting
  • Working alone