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It’s time for publicly funded health care to include seniors’ care

June 4, 2020
By Hassan Yussuff as published in National Newswatch The images, the stories, the experiences of our seniors during this pandemic are enough to bring a grown man to tears. In fact, it has. Even Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford has, at times, become emotional while talking about the conditions in the province’s long-term care facilities. It’s a dire situation right across…
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Unions mark Gender Equality Week with election demands

September 22, 2019
Canada’s unions are marking Gender Equality Week 2019 by calling on federal political parties to commit to creating a fair Canada for everyone. “Gender Equality Week was created to celebrate recent gains while reflecting on the work that needs to be done to improve gender equality and women’s rights across Canada,” said Marie Clarke Walker, Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Labour…
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Retirement Security

December 20, 2018
Canada’s unions are leading efforts to improve pensions for all Canadians through the expansion of public pensions, negotiating workplace pension plans and calling on the government to protect workers first when their employer goes bankrupt.
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