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On the International Transgender Day of Visibility, make sure no one is left behind

March 31, 2020

This year, on the International Transgender Day of Visibility, perhaps more than ever, it is important that allies celebrate trans lives loudly and clearly. 

While we are all struggling to make sense of the current crisis, we have to consider the most marginalized among us, who are always facing threats to their safety and security that the rest of us are now experiencing.

Trans folks are among our health care workers, they are re-stocking the shelves in our grocery stores, they are helping to deliver municipal services, all while facing uncertainty about their own access to much needed medications and gender-affirming surgeries. 

Being an ally means ensuring that trans people are not forgotten in our priorities as we look to rebuild after this crisis. 

“Trans people are part of our movement. We all have a role to play to better protect the rights of our trans members and ensure they have the support they need in our workplaces, in our unions and in our communities,” said Larry Rousseau, Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress. 

Canada’s Unions are proud to mark the International Transgender Day of Visibility 2020 with the launch of a newly updated resource: Workers in Transition: A Practical Guide for Union Representatives and Trans Union Members. This revised version of the popular handbook includes a refreshed glossary of terms related to trans, Two Spirit and non-binary peoples’ experiences, as well as tools and strategies for workers, union representatives and activists to implement trans-inclusive policies and advocacy in all workplaces in Canada.

The labour movement will be a major part of Canada’s economic recovery, and we have the opportunity now to build awareness of the many barriers facing trans workers, and help trade union leaders, union staff representatives, local executives, committee members and shop stewards become better allies.

You can take action today by downloading your copy of the new Workers in Transition handbook now and becoming a trans ally in your workplace and in your community. 

To learn more about the International Transgender Day of Visibility, click here.

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